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Dry Eye Treatments

We are a Certified Dry Eye Center of Excellence!

There are many causes of dry eye and eyelid issues. This being true, all problems cannot respond to the same old treatments consisting of artificial tears and lid cleansing.
Marion Eye Center tailors treatment recommendations to match the results of testing. For some patients, moisture is still the answer. For others, antiinflammary medications are used. For still others, treatments to purge the material or organisms responsible for discomfort and blur may be needed. The best treatment for your dry eyes is only discovered with proper testing. Discover which of the treatments listed below may be helpful for your eyes by calling for an appointment today.


Artificial Tears/Lubricants

These are the classic treatemtn to add moisture to the surface of the eye. They are available in various thicknesses and vary based on the amount of water and lipid they contain. Different eyes require different types of artificial tears, some even requiring thicker agents such as gels and ointments. Testing indicates which is best for you.


Warm Compresses/Gel Masks

Warm compresses are commonly utilized to improve the quality and drainage of the lid margin oil glands which produce oils that keep the tears from evaporating too quickly, producing longer lasting tears and more comfortable eyes with a more stable focus.


BlephEx and Lid Cleansing Foam

BlephEx® is a painless in-office procedure performed by your eyecare professional or trained technician. A revolutionary new patented BlephEx® handpiece is used to very precisely and carefully, spin a medical grade sponge along the edge of your eyelids and lashes, removing material and debris, while exfoliating the eyelid margin.


Avenova and Ciradex

Avenova is a daily topical lid solution prescribed to treat mild to moderate eyelid inflammation. Cliradex is a daily lid-scrub wipe containing Teatree Oil, a substance that is very effective in the treatment of eyelid inflammation, especially when the cause is known to be due to the presence of the mite, Demodex, a common eyelid margin parasite.


Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs help to retain the naturally produced tears of the eye in the hopes of reducing or elimiating dependency on artificial tear drops. A small item is placed in the office into the small dear drain opening at the inner corner of the lid, thus blocking some of the outflow of tears and retaining them on the surface of the eye, reducing dryness. This is a simple office procedure that tkes just a few minutes.


Precription Eye Drops

This class of treatments include antibiotics, which are prescribed to treat bacterial infections of the ocular surface and lid margin. as well, anti-allergy drops such as Zaditor are prescribed to treat symptoms of ocular irritation due to allergy. Topical steroids and the ell-known product, Restasis, are occasionally prescribed to reduce chronic inflammation, thereby restoring the eye’s natural ability to produce tears.

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